Mindset (/ˈmʌɪn(d)sɛt/) means the established set of attitudes held by someone. That’s the verbatim for this word as per the dictionary. 

Let us start with the basics. Mindset forms its roots at the early childhood stage for most of us. Without getting in the depth of it or dissecting its core; one thing is clear, mindset defines a very fundamental approach of how we choose to live our lives as we move to our teenage. It’s the mindset that drives our career ambitions and goals, which fuelled with our will power help us form a structure to advance in adulthood.

The basis of mindset is interrelated to our life stories wherein we either choose to switch on with the “I can” belief system or switch off with the “I cannot” approach methodology. Either way, both work fine as long as we align the outputs to the choices we make. Mindset either builds the impossible for you or reflects why you couldn’t make the possible happen. 

The starting point of our lives evolves around the fact that what path we have set out for ourselves and how determined we are to tick the goals along the way. Either way, mindset plays a pivotal role because in either scenario you would be right whether you succeed or fail.  You are as strong as you set your mind to achieve something or as weak as you let the steam loose out of you.

There are other critical aspects that play their part in our lives – Hardwork, Patience, Grit, Perseverence, Luck, and Destiny. They strengthen us through our journey. But, whether its relationships, career ambitions, entrepreneurship goals, or finding contentment – mindset is at the center and all other parameters revolve around it.

Put yourself in any scenario of past or present. Ask a question – how many times have you achieved anything that you set your mind at. It may have taken longer to be fulfilled. A few times you may have even missed out on having it. But you cannot overlook the science behind it that having a mindset brings in unison your mind, body, and soul which together pull all the positive energies in the universe to make your desires come true. It all begins with mindset – Either you can or you cannot – you are right about it !!!


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