Hi Everyone. Passion – What exactly is Passion and how do we find it? Before even finding our Passion, have we really understood what it means. Have we mistaken our hobbies for our passion? Or did we just assume that if we were extremely good at something – we tagged it as our Passion.

Todays blog is just about figuring the same and dwelving deep inside ourselves to find its meaning, and discovering our passion.

The dictionary states the meaning of passion as a strong and barely controllable emotion or a very powerful feeling. Lets pick the keywords here – strong emotion and powerful feeling.

Emotion and feelings are what makes us humans, what we are. Without them we are just like directionless ships in the middle of the sea. Passion is something which acts like a navigator to take us to our shores. Without it we might stay afloat and would head in the direction where the winds take us. We may still reach a shore – but would it be the one that belongs to us – is where the quest begins !!!

Have you ever wondered why some people excel in what they do and create benchmarks, which are looked upon by everyone. What do they do differently and how do they achieve excellence in those areas? Why do they never tire out doing the same thing over and over again? How did they add the extra to their ordinary self and became extraordinary? 

When they begun, they were not special. They were one amongst the crowd. The only thing they knew well was what they loved the most – it wasn’t merely an activity or a hobby for them. It was something that they wanted their world to revolve around. They made it their core and built their life around it. They ate, drank, slept, breathe, lived making that centre as their whole world. This something is what we call Passion.

Often I have heard people asking – how do we find our passion? Let us ask ourselves a few simple questions.

  • What is something that we find joy in even if we are asked to do it after an exhausting and tiring day
  • What is something that gives us a sense of completeness and contentment when we perform it
  • What makes our eyes glitter and soul filled with excitement when we talk about it to our friends and family
  • What is something for which even if we are not paid for, it would still motivate us to show up every morning 
  • What is something that would make us feel that our life has a purpose and without it we would be like that directionless ship 

Don’t shoot down the thoughts which just came to your mind. As the modern day humans, we have been programmed to let go what comes naturally and have second thoughts on the same. Well, atleast in case of “Finding your Passion” – Its not true. 

Now, hold on to that thought. Remember when we begun, we spoke about strong emotion and powerful feeling. Whatever you felt when you pondered upon those questions is the first and foremost step to dicover your passion. Zeroing in would not be easy. Sometimes, we eventually have more than a handful things that we might be passionate about. Its alright. You are headed in the right direction. 

If you have one single passion – great. But if you have a couple of them that you are equally fond of – try correlating it with another parameter – Purpose !!!

Lets look at some examples to develop more clarity.

For example one of the greatest cricketers of all times – MS Dhoni. While growing up Dhoni loved football and was the goalkeeper of his team representing at district and state level. But when he choose to pursue his passion Cricket – it was fuelled with the purpose of serving his country. Passion with Purpose.

If your quest has begun to discover your passion, it’s the turning point of your life. Research says that 90% of people don’t know what’s their passion in life. Less than 10% discover their passion and hardly 1% live their passion. There is no other joy than finding passion in our lives which are fuelled with purpose. 

When Steve Jobs took the podium at Stanford Stadium to give the commencement speech to Stanford’s graduating class of 2005, he addressed a crowd of 23,000 with a short speech that drew lessons from his life. He offered the following advice: You’ve got to find what you love…. The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking, and don’t settle.

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