Take a pause and think through for the next few mins. The first and foremost thought from where it would begin is solely dependent on what light do you see the word ‘hustler’ in?

Do you see it from an angle of being a street smart person or you question it from an integrity view? Is hustle a tabboo word for you or do you admire those who have mastered the art?

The dictionary meaning of hustle is to proceed or work rapidly or energetically. In business or work world – being a hustler means one who is aggressive in dealings. In short, someone who knows to get the work done by all means.

Sadly, a lot of people in our society see it in poor light. Someone who hustles is straight put into a category of earning his livings by illicit or unethical ways. This blog today, will break the myths around it and give you clarity about why all of us need to find the hustler inside us to prosper and grow in our respective work lives.

The way our world functions has never been simple. Since ancient times, when money didn’t existed and barter method was the only form of exchange that helped people survive – even then hustlers existed who for a bag of grains could take home a calf and reap long term benefits. They were smart, logical and looked at small investments for high returns. They outgrew others in the community. Not by cheating but by playing smart. And that’s when hustle was born. How its meaning and relevance shaped in the coming centuries differently is something that we experience today.

Lets begin with an exercise and try to arrive at an answer – have we ever hustled in our lives? In our lives, we all have some relationships where we are in the drivers seat.  Which means at most times, the decision making role is solely our responsibility. The other person, in any capacity – may it be your partner, your parents, your children who are your ‘dependents’ – rely on your decisions for the goodwill of their lives. They surrender with trust and not fear since they believe that you would do whatsoever best in your ability to function their lives smoothly. And for you, if circumstances permit 10 on 10 times, you would do the best for them. Now, answer a few questions

  • Have you been in difficult situations wherein to get the preferred outcome for them, you tweaked your actions?
  • Have you gone all out in certain incidents to make sure whatever they desired happens for them irrespective of the obstacles and challenges along the way?
  • Were you forced to think of an out-of-box solution to tackle an issue, which could have otherwise resulted in an unpleasant result?

In all the above situations – whether faced in the past or if they happened in the future, what would you have done as a person-in-charge. Would you go by the book or would you ‘hustle’ your way? You know the answer !!!

My interpretation of Charles Darwin’s theory about Survival of the Fittest revolves around a strong belief that the fittest are organisms who are also natural hustlers. They find their ways to survive through the thick of things ensuring that they live another day and fight out all odds that come as obstacles their way.

To Grow, To Prosper & To Thrive – All you have to do is – Find the Hustler inside you !!!

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