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My Story

My story has been nothing less than a fictional character of a novel. Drama and twists have never left my side and always added colour to my life. Let me give you a sneak preview …..

I am the early eighties child born to an average low mid income family. My father was a taxi driver in Mumbai, a legacy that he inherited from my grandfather who moved to India after partition. We lived in the glorified slums evolved as chawls in central part of the city. My father was an ambitious man who tried his hands at multiple small businesses and succeeded at them in the short run. Thus our lives improved to middle income households living in an apartment by mid 80’s.

My parents didn’t have the best of their marriage. I was almost 2 years old when they parted ways and I had an interesting time growing up changing hands between 3 mothers. Thanks to the circumstances, I had a completely different outlook in contrast to other children my age. My challenges were different coming from a broken family background where I learnt dealing with live having a completely different mindset.

By 16, I was out from a joint living roof. All I knew was – Education will get me through. I wasn’t the brightest of minds – an average 60% scorer. At an early age I realised, my strengths were my tools. I had nothing but a strong mindset, perseverance and focus. I put them to best use and made it to National Institute of Technology, the most sought after IIT’s. I kept the momentum going and made it to Oxford and pursued my Masters at 22. Reiterating – I wasn’t great at academics – I made through my Engineering & Business school with barely 50% marks.


I got a break in Banking and worked in London for over 2 years. By my mid 20’s I moved back to India and continued working as an Investment Banker for 6 years with a Swiss bank till I hung my boots at my peak. I was still hungry for learning. I did my Executive MBA from IIM Calcutta to quench my thirst. I was 30 – owning an apartment in Mumbai, making a six figure salary, driving a luxury car, taking international vacations, splurging & living life the best I could. Only one thing was still missing – Contentment !!!

I became an entrepreneur at 30. Built my business from scratch with no understanding or background. I believed in living by the day, so had no savings before I began. I borrowed money from friends and my mentor. Built one of the most desirable adventure travel company ahead of its times. Grew the business 10x in 3 years, built an international presence, raised funding, scaled the venture – did all the tick marks which had to be done. I still wasn’t happy !!!

I built another venture – an experiences brand – did fairly well. Upgraded my life – bought the next range luxury car, moved to a sea facing apartment. From the chawls to here, without a financial background or support system. I said to myself – Not Bad, patted my back and moved ahead. Hungry for learning again. This time I did an Entrepreneurship Program from Stanford for a year. Perfect time to scale and then the pandemic hit in 2020.

Here I'm ..... As of Today

I am in my late 30’s now – been there, done that. Ticked most of the boxes. Created new benchmarks. What’s still missing?

I looked for my answers and have found most of them. Over the years, I have discovered things through my experiences which have shaped me the person I’m today.

That’s my story ……. As I said …… So far !!!


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What Can I Do for You?

I am here with a goal to help you grow yourself internally and outgrow your problems externally

How do we make that happen?

  • Provide you with proven frameworks, methodologies and structure 
  • Use these tools to overcome obstacles and challenges to break the mould and achieve your goals

Process and Result Driven Approach

  • Strengthening the core fundamentals and working on realigning and reassessing the objectives
  • Building a mindset balancing process and result oriented outcome

I can help you deal with your challenges and obstacles

  • Personal Consultations
  • Business Coaching
  • Start Up Mentoring
  • Career Counselling for Students
  • Organisation Workshops

Need Advice?

Its the first difficult step to seek a professional advice. In the end, its just an advice – whether you choose to implement it or ignore it, is a choice you make. What matters is Hearing It !!!