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Who am I

I am an Entrepreneur who followed his passion and built two successful startups in the past decade.
I built things from scratch with no former background of business and had an experience of only a 9 to 5 Job. I had no mentor, no guidance, no finances to build a business. But I had grit, perseverance and mindset to begin and to sustain.
Over years of experience that I have gained through my journey – I am here to share with you some frameworks, methodologies and structure which helped me transform my life and shape my future.
I will share insights with you which would help you overcome obstacles and challenges to break the mould and use these tools to achieve your goals.

What I Do

I Consult.

I serve as an advisor across multiple start ups and provide business advisory services to small and medium enterprises on scaling up

I Speak.

I have been a motivational speaker at various forums across educational institutions, corporate organisations & amongst startup entrepreneurs

I Write.

Entrepreneurship Essentials is my first book which is based on my life experiences and  journey of what does it take to build a business from scratch

My Services & Courses

I provide my expertise as a

  • Keynote Speaker
  • Company Workshops
  • Consulting for Businesses
  • Courses for 1st time Entrepreneurs

My Book

Entrepreneurship Essentials – What they don’t teach you at Business Schools is my first book which has earned praises globally being featured in Forbes as “The book for every aspiring entrepreneur”. 

The objective of this book is to inspire those who are willing to take the road less travelled and are looking to open doors for themselves to the business world.


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Media Coverage

Exclusive Feature on Rising Stars Series on Disney+ Hotstar covering the most promising entrepreneurs across the country

My Story

I am Baljeet Gujral – a boy who grew up with dreams. Dreams to make it big, leave a mark & put up my name on some achievers board where I could see myself be proud.
I am as regular as you and as unique as all of us are as Individuals.

I am your next door guy who grew up in a lower mid income family, struggled at studies, was rejected at job interviews, borrowed money to build his business and kept fighting mediocrity.

  • Born in a chawl
  • Raised in a broken family
  • Struggled at clearing most exams
  • Still made through Oxford, IIM, Stanford
  • Worked as an Investment Banker & hung boots at my peak
  • Built two start ups, scaled and failed

And with a life journey with the highest highs and lowest lows – I have thrived and survived. This is just a glimpse. Let me take you through my life story.